Our wonderful son, John Michael Dilday, was murdered in Kendall County Texas a year ago. John Michael was murdered on Jan. 29, 2009 in Kendall County Texas while on an internship on the Diamond K Ranch. John Michael had been in Texas for only 7 days and 7 hours. He was a bright, happy, friendly young man, happy about pursuing an internship in his chosen field, game preserve management and shooting complex. He had finished his class work at Southeastern Illinois College and about half his internship, and after enjoying some family time, we had packed him up for his internship at the Diamond K Ranch in Texas. Seven days later, we got a call, and the nightmare began.

The Justice of the Peace Debby Hudson refused to have an autopsy performed. The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office told us the seven immigrants our son was placed to live with on the ranch were illegal’s. Sheriff’s Office told us the illegals didn’t murder John Michael because if so they would have run back to Mexico or Honduras. When we finally got a hold of Texas Ranger he informed us he is new to the area and doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. When we went to see the FBI corruption squad in San Antonio they said it wasn’t their jurisdiction. District Attorney Bruce Curry told us he only has one investigator and four counties to cover.

We can’t find answers or justice. We are not rich, famous, or influential. We have always been able to help ourselves and others, but now we feel we are getting nowhere. We can’t help but wonder what they are hiding, or covering up, who is being paid off, and why a human life (even if it’s not a local) is not important enough to thoroughly investigate.

Our son John Michael was a beautiful person and a level headed young man. Our whole community is shocked by this case. It feels like a nightmare. We are now begging for help.

Please help us find the truth. Help us find the Murderer(s).

Angela, Robert, & Rebekah Dilday

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear President Barack Obama,

Please help and look into my brother’s (John Michael Dilday) death investigation. On Jan 29, 2009 we got a call about my brother, they said that he was in a minor traffic accident and then committed suicide. He was working at a ranch in Texas on an internship for school. He was only there for one week before he died. He was put in a house with 8 illegal immigrants. The immigrants were outside when he supposedly shot himself twice in the mouth, but didn’t see him only feet away from where they were. The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office at first said it was suicide, now it is pending investigation. The Justice of the Peace refused to have an autopsy done. My parents had to pay for an autopsy to be done. That’s when we found out that he was shot twice when they told us he was shot once. Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has changed their stories many times. This makes it hard to trust law enforcement now. I used to think that they were supposed to help the people with law and order, now I’m kind of afraid of them and what their power allows them to do. We are not the only family that is having trouble with law enforcement in that area, because families from Texas have contacted us.
It has been hard on me and my family. My brother was barely 21yrs old. I loved my bother and when he left I couldn’t wait for him to come home in April. The day we found out my parents left for Texas. I went to stay with my aunt and cousins till they got back. I stayed with them because I wanted to be the first to tell my cousin. When we picked her up from school I got out of the car and told her. It was like a little part of her died inside. It’s like living in a movie. I don’t like it! All I want is the answers of what happened to him. When my parents brought him back they took me to the funeral home to see him. It hurt to see my big brother that would aggravate me and love me now lifeless. I am upset with myself because the day he left I didn’t want to wake him up to say good bye. He needed his rest for the long drive he had. I told myself not to worry that he would be back soon. He came back but not the way I expected him to. I didn’t call him on his birthday because I didn’t want to bother him. I never got to do those things and I don’t even get to know why he died. I’m 15 years old and it all ready seem like there is no hope in life for good things to happen.
If you could take time to write or call me, my address is Rockwood, IL 62280; my cell phone number is . I know you’re a busy man, but I don’t know who else to ask.

Thank you sincerely,
Rebekah Dilday